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UNPACK delivers curated clothing and gear to hotels and Airbnb's so travelers can pack less and discover premium products that make sense for their trip.

The NGpire

Available is a social employment network to help freelancers connect in real time with a one click availability list including tag/share for job posts.


Jigglist is the best way for a group to coordinate where & when to meet all within a chat (AngelPad 7)

Ocean Executive

Ocean Executive is an online matchmaking platform for the B2B sustainable seafood industry, solving supply-chain inefficiencies.

Import and Exporting Modernization combine to tackle Regulatory and Compliance issues within the FDA, EPA, Customs multi- nationally


We offer your own mini-cloud, in a box, that you can see and share. For the first time ever you do not need to worry about handouts, notes, or meeting minutes.

Hands That Make A Difference

We would like to raise $100,000 to provide STEM, Anti Violence initiative and Job readiness training to youth ages 5--24.

Better Lens Case™

Single hand operated contact lens case improves convenience and reduces health risks without disrupting everyday habits. Inc

A TripAdvisor meets OpenTable community platform for hair salons and barbershops integrated with in-store loyalty, online booking and CRM.

SportChaser connects all sports fans to sports bars by locating which bars are broadcasting their preferred sporting events.


Gaumande will be the first ever tech restaurant. We aim to infuse the classic dining experience with futurisitic technology.


Unified access to your digital storage

The Complete Social Media Marketing Solution: publishing, scheduling, app-builder, ecomm, analytics and gameification - for web + mobile.

HueCore Inc

Smart plates that prevent and document unintended parking collisions to protect drivers and auto insurers from the financial risks involved.


First 100% self-service solution for mystery shopping projects management


Codify - the easiest way to share your contact info w/anyone, to update others when your info changes and to keep your address book current.

See-it 3d Playing Cards

See-it 3d Stereogram Playing Cards is a beautiful deck of playing cards. I NEED $1,000,000 INVESTOR so we can stock 20,000 stores with product.

SurfSET Fitness

SurfSET is the next phenomenon in group fitness and home fitness equipment, merging the booming action sports & health/wellness industries.

Ninja Smart

"Hack n Slash Educational" game Combines the reflexes and fun of an action game to make the best study aid ever: Not Just Smart, Ninja Smart