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Star Racers

Star Racers is a novel that could become a valuable franchise with many revenue streams as a book series, movie, video game, and merchandise.


The new food safety device offers a never-before-seen way to reduce illnesses due to cross-contamination.


Multi-platform subscription service that delivers the publishing industry's fastest growing catalog of children's interactive storybooks.


Tattle is reimagining the merchant and customer relationship in the age of the smart phone


Technology company that develops products of sustainable mobility destined to make the world a better place for future generations.


LinkedIn for lawyers: Allowing small to mid-sized law (SMLs) to be the largest virtual firm in the world.

modern guild, inc.

a web-enabled career mentoring company that combines unique curriculum and professional mentoring to illuminate career paths to students


DISCO is the first platform powering memberships at local businesses.


Saas company providing a loan management system to small to mid-tier banks and hedge funds which purchase pools of residential mortgage loans.


PolitiClear combines mobile, ambient social networking and social media to create a one stop solution for everything political for voters.

TuvaLabs LLC

TuvaLabs connects the real world to math, enabling engaging math learning, closing achievement gaps, and empowering learners to succeed


GoChat is a feature-rich social toolbar for websites - imagine a Meebo or Wibiya that was designed by Apple.


discover, order and share the best delivery in your neighborhood.

Winito Inc.

Winito is the all new way of socializing and involving your sports community.


Jackalope is the aggregated platform for outsourcing and temporary hiring. Send Jack tasks, see Jack run, get work done.


Enterprise level tracking system that can track any device, anywhere using bluetooth, cellular and other wireless technologies.

Sports Scholar

Sports Scholar aims to educate children in math and literary skills through real-life, topical sports content delivered via a web and tablet application.