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Ology is a social interest platform where people share, connect & transact around specific interests in an easy to navigate addictive space.

Vital Performance

Providing high performance, low cost fashion based fitness gear and apparel. Plan is to scale quickly using social media marketing and selling in big box stores

Live Open House

We transform ordinary storefronts into 24-hour kiosks using interactive touch foil technology and easy to use digital signage software.

Roomors Living

We are a community-focused housing solution for young professionals in New York City, providing them with all-inclusive smart apartments.


We build complete medical records for chronic disease patients, extracting the data within to create the world's first "complete" dataset for machine learning.


Our pieces are Modern + Original, with Versatility for the Style Mavens and Independent Fashion Forward 'Individuals'.

SAM AI, Inc.

SAM is one of the most powerful B2B 'Sales And Marketing' platforms on the planet


Project management software hosted on your own cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, private server)

The Language Chef

The Language Chef aims to become a strong Media Company focusing on Food, Foreign Language and Travel.


The New Frozen Way to Snack Healthy, LifeIce is the First All Natural, Bite-Sized Ices, Sold Shelf Stable in Ready-to-Freeze Trays.

Vendedy Corporation

Vendedy is the world's street market in your pocket. Travel and find live photo feeds of street food and street market products.

Hummingbird Communication Inc.

Does your search engine talk? Hummingbird Connect, the iTunes application and its AI engine MAX can have dialogue with you making your search more successful.


360Stories is new VR/AR platform with engaging 360 photos/videos to sell one day tours and attractions online.


HealthKeep is a HIPAA-compliant social network for people to share and learn from health experiences

EatDrinkJobs is a restaurant / bar job site for qualified, recommended employees. Job seekers create profiles with recommendations from peers, instructors, mana


reKiosk provides an easy, free and shareable way to sell ebooks and music directly to your fans and have fans sell for you.

Sports Scholar

Sports Scholar aims to educate children in math and literary skills through real-life, topical sports content delivered via a web and tablet application. is a digital platform about social action and travel.


Craigslist with Venmo meets security