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Honey is the easiest way to keep your co-workers in the know about what matters.


Lampix brings glass-less augmented reality to any surface. In the process, it also turns the surface into a smart surface.


Bloomojo is the digital platform for alternative health and wellness services


Electronic boards are everywhere but making them takes weeks and costs $250+. BotFactory builds desktop tools to produce fully assembled boards in 30min for $5

Hatchzone is an online sandbox focused on activating the Social Inventor Community.


FFORA is a fashion lifestyle brand that serves the disability community with the mission of a world designed for all.


Our software enables doctors to access clinical data from more than a dozen disparate sources and presents it through a highly usable designed interface.

ShopKetti is a primary source of small business wholesale data and analytics. We simplify wholesale by remove distributors from the entire process.

30SecondsToFly Inc.

A.I. travel assistant for enterprises: Employees book policy compliant trips within minutes via SMS and Slack, HR follows the audit trail.

The Artistic Pursuit

The Artistic Pursuit teaches the business of being an actor through an educational video series.

Mien Kielo

We are a new clothing line focusing on well-crafted, flattering clothes w/ custom prints & embroidery for the modern 20/30 something woman.


We create software and hardware to: entertain, and execute daily tasks. Our portfolio include 3D games with Cloud gaming and downloads.

Exam Elf

Exam Elf takes the worry out of standardized testing. Exam Elf teaches students 12 skills needed to face exams feeling confident & calm, which improves results.


We're reinventing radio control cars for the next generation of creative thinkers.


The simplest way to book kid activities in NYC


First vertical of a billion dollar advice empire. Real time answers for dating and relationship questions. SheTexted and 4 more verticals coming soon...


Who do you want to hang out with today? It's not just about the place - it's about the people. Find a scene, meet people, cliq their pics.