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We offer French-made custom shirts, from Italian fabrics, through a hybrid online and offline approach


The world's first contextualized personal data platform, delivering highly personalized, predictive services, content and offers.


Vernax is a wearable that allows you to connect to your devices or services through speech without visual confirmation or looking at your phone.

BeanJar, Inc.

MyBeanJar delivers targeted digital coupons as rewards in mobile & online games and other content. We charge the advertisers and offer a rev share to the games.


CONSORTIUM brings Mass Customization to the MASSES via a specialized 'comprehensive-channel' retail platform.

SportChaser connects all sports fans to sports bars by locating which bars are broadcasting their preferred sporting events.

Dog Parker

Dog Parker places high-tech, internet-connected dog houses on the sidewalk outside of stores where dogs aren't allowed serving both dog owners and retailers.


Fantasy - dating app for sex-positive and open-minded couples and singles


Preventative healthcare designed by top, proven practitioners, personalized by your multiomics (DNA and Epigentics) and scaled by tech.

Assessment Innovation

Ai's mobile assessment system identifies top job-seekers so companies can quickly hire the best candidates. Being sold by Pearson and deployed by McKinsey.

Pervasive Group Inc.

A comprehensive Mobile Parental Control platform for Smartphones. 4 of 5 stars user rating, strong customer testimonials. Parents love it!


Ringblingz is a line of smart jewelry that notifies you when a friend connects. With ringblingz, you can prioritize your time, fashionably.

One Drop

One Drop is a diabetes management platform that helps people navigate diabetes together.

the gn therapy project

The GN Therapy® Project - Eco-Luxury Fashion where Simplicity provides the ultimate in sophistication.


We're changing the way women shop for shoes by offering the world's 1st collection of Shoe Separates - Tops & Heels that click on and off.


CLIP is a portable and swappable e-motor that instantly transforms any bike into an e-bike, providing that extra boost when you’re going uphill.


PaaS: A marketing engagement and customer acquisition solution that services mid-sized companies across a variety of verticals: hospitality, health&wellness...