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First vertical of a billion dollar advice empire. Real time answers for dating and relationship questions. SheTexted and 4 more verticals coming soon...

Worldcast Live Inc

Worldcast live is an immersive marketing platform and App that offers AR reward to events goers globally and increased clients revenue channels via API plugin

Smart Professions

We provide hyper-personalized career training for middle-skill careers (jobs that don't require a college degree) through fellowships.


woosah is a mobile app that helps users create clips and GIFs from YouTube to share the best part directly in chat, Facebook or Twitter.


Adaptive math education software-as-a-service. shows you fascinating people nearby and where they spend their valuable time.

A mobile application for users to share their activities at local stores - what they like, buy, recommend etc - on their social networks.


Classified ads and alerts for buildings

Going Natural

the .com for Natural Hair solutions; Exceptional hairstyles, products and services to improve the image and health of African hair.


Replacing standardized assessments with mobile games that teach, assess who's at risk, and give teachers practical lesson suggestions.


Programmable friendship bracelets that teach girls to code.


Powrplnt is a digital art collaboratory connecting artists of all ages to tech, tools and teachers. We offer membership based co-working space and classes.


Hyr connects businesses and workers to fill any shift, at any time.

William Okpo

William Okpo is a contemporary fashion label that caters to a new- wave of women


Elevatr is an app that builds startups from concept to company.

Vital Formulas

Daily multivitamins in the right combinations for each time of day. Balanced Trio Morning, Mid-day and Evening. The most effective way to take supplements.

Brayola is the first and only marketplace that helps every woman find the perfect bra fit.

Rafael (Rafi)'s Startup

A unique, cloud-based, encrypted, WIFI based system for access control. Smartphone based operation. i