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AppsBidder Inc

App marketplace and gamification platform rewarding social media engagement, app downloads and app sharing though social media..

AudioCook (Red Ruby LLC)

AudioCook streamlines daily cooking and meal planning through interactive guided recipes, integrated ecommerce and social interaction.


Tawkers combines the worlds of messaging and social media by letting users capture and SHARE moments from text conversations.


Creating a game-changing "Premium Motorcycle" brand, designed and assembled in NYC

Stanislav Komsky Baltimore Sun

Stanislav Komsky is an entrepreneur and business consultant in Florida. With his business strategies and innovative ideas, he helps people in their businesses.


Gamified investment platform for millennials that teaches the basics of finance, allows to invest real and virtual money, all in a social Venmo-like environment

Love Through Wisdom, LLC

Its a match making site that uses conscious and subconscious patterns to find people that complement each other physically and energetically


We developed smart fuel cap that uses data and analytics to solve $10B annually problem of fuel overspending and company fuel card misuse in trucking industry.


Mindfresh is a modern meditation experience for people who sit all day long.

Gala Prompter

GalaPro app provides real-time translations and accessibility for theaters, cinema, opera and live shows.


Empowering landlords and tenants to rent smarter and cheaper.


igobono is a social marketplace where members buy, sell and donate goods and services using a social currency (called “bonos”) instead of money.


Money back when you buy or rent a home in New York

SanTech Global Corp.

SanTech Global Corp. offers mobile ordering and payment solutions for offline stores, using NFC technology.

Unite US

Unite US coordinates the delivery of services & care in local communities, connecting consumers (currently Military Families) with resources they need.