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Unit Four LLC

Seeking 2 round funding for an inovative 5 in 1 home fitness product that is infomercial worthy.

A popular platform, is one of top 4 social local sites connecting Chinese in 435 cities in China and 200 cities in North America.

The Language Chef

The Language Chef aims to become a strong Media Company focusing on Food, Foreign Language and Travel.


AdHawk is the easiest way to manage and optimize your digital advertising across all platforms.


Independent QA and Software Testing Company.

IntroAmerica Inc.

IntroAmerica is the solution for American brands to market to the global middle class student and his/her parents. IA's first target market is China.

Digital Surrogate Corp

DSC provides 3D mobile clothes fittingroom service based on realistic digital clone tech, that can be integrated into mobile shopping mall.


Ezusbuy is a store specific that offers the best and most innovative items for a boring task.


Live, interactive group exercise classes delivered to users online.


WriterMaker is a Collaborative Marketplace that handles the end-to-end process of text-creation: writing, editing, graphic design, marketing, and placement.


Online marketplace and booking software to discover and book in-store beauty services at all retail locations.


Teslab is transforming the way 3D printers are used in classrooms by turning them from prosumer devices into multi-user, classroom workhorses.

Car Specials NY

Car Specials NY, 72 Columbia Street, New York, NY 10002, +1 347-826-4445

OFTimpex, Inc.

Modernization of depressive local economy and development of new territories.

Roadify Transit

Roadify is a single platform that aggregates transit and mobility data from many sources for location-based display on enterprise venue digital signage

Global Kitchen

We host immigrant-led cooking classes in New York City, and we serve as an online hub for authentic recipes from around the world.


we’re a team of creative, free thinking artists and developers. we combine our skills and ideas to develop a high end visual experience in virtual reality.

CliffRose, Inc.

CliffRose is developing an intuitive web app that combines managing of projects, files & finances to help B2B companies see critical data.