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Calcbench, Inc.

We supply financial analytics that come from XBRL, an electronic filing standard. The data is richer and more actionable than competitors.


Rafiki's fruit from the Lion King

Vivian Creative Studio Inc

We combine online systems with back-end experts to make it easier and more affordable for customers to get personal or commercial image retouching/editing.

Indy Talk Shop

Indy Talk Shop is a creative educational company focusing on the interaction between child and parent.

Case Tracker

Case Tracker enables quick and easy issue tracking via an intuitive and user friendly interface., PBC, PBC uses customized printed postcards to create tangible opportunities for both individual and collective expression.


In a social media centric world, SocialGive™ gives users the power to donate to social causes that matter to them simultaneously as they use social media.

Qwanz LLC

App and sites let users "answer back" to governments, corporations, or the media while aggregating valuable detailed demographic profiles.


The LapDome™ platform from Narvitas is designed to provide a more eloquent, safer, and efficient entry into the abdominal cavity during laparoscopic surgery

SmartSavers LLC

Together we save! SmartSavers is the trusted platform to manage your household bills and save money through collective purchasing.


CORP Online is the face book plus eharmony for the financial world to connect US-listed Chinese companies and global investors.


IKEA-based programming platform for the Internet of Things market


Pave USA INC specialize in providing different services such as drain installation, drain cleaning, residential remodeling, nighttime milling, and paving.

True Made Foods

True Made Foods is making American food nutritious. We use fresh vegetables to naturally sweeten our products and drastically cut back on added sugar.

Pobox Solutions

Pobox mails are far more favorable and are managed by specialist service providers. Since Pobox emails are considered extremely secure and trustworthy.

Profit Forex Signals

Trade online to receive live forex signals from experts & boost your chances of earning marginable profits through immediate delivery of notifications & signals


Ringblingz is a line of smart jewelry that notifies you when a friend connects. With ringblingz, you can prioritize your time, fashionably.


Instructrr is the content and productivity platform for group fitness

Just Keep Moving

Just Keep Moving is looking to disrupt the worlds of gaming, fitness and social media forever