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Kyla Realty Solutions

Find and list any type of property anywhere in the world in any language of our users’ choice absolutely Free.


Zuznow’s AI rapid mobile application development platform enables enterprises to build premium enterprise apps with speed and scalability not humanly possible.


We are a lending marketplace that prepares and drives quality small business loans to traditional local lenders for long term responsible relationships.


Baro is a mobile platform for on-demand, peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer rentals of everyday items.

Bee Organic

Bee Organic will harness the latest cutting edge scientific insights to develop products that enhance the health of babies.

Equitable Origin

The world's first and only market-based certification for responsible oil and gas production. is a payments-focused artificial intelligence social media platform for membership focused organizations.


An online marketplace that empowers artists to make their artwork available for sale in the form of a tapestry.

Collective Wisdom Technologies

CWT uses the wisdom of the crowd to provide technology-driven solutions starting with a seed funding platform where shareholders rate and invest in applicants.

ZON Products Inc.

A plug and play suite of smart-home products with embedded Voice AI of choice that lets you convert any home into a smart home.

Pawlicy Advisor

A national online pet insurance comparison site offering turnkey employee and veterinary benefits and saving pet owners up to 75% on their pet insurance.

Worldcast Live Inc

WCL is an immersive marketing platform that uses AR, interactive streaming and loyalty rewards to improve brand ROI and create new revenue for artist royalties.

Golf Pro, Inc.

Connecting golfers and instructors for unparalleled virtual golf lessons through our mobile application.

Wave Application

Wave is an app that enables you to share your live location, chat and set a meeting point - only with who you choose, only when you choose