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Best Investments

We buy profitable turn-key operating businesses with our capital and reinvest the profit to grow the business and buy turn key businesses.


A single, easy-to-use database for all of a nonprofit's data.


Our software enables doctors to access clinical data from more than a dozen disparate sources and presents it through a highly usable designed interface.

Laidlaw Energy Group, Inc.

We develop power plants that make electricity from biomass fuel (wood chips, agricultural waste) and sell our cleaner power to utilities.

Urban Cargo

We ship a box of handsome each month with 3+ of the best in hair care, skincare and shaving for men to test in the comfort of their homes.


Seaters fills empty seats on sport & music events for both sponsors and organizers. We do so with the introduction of intelligent and innovative waiting lists.

Zeyic, LLC is the only website that enables families to collect & share stories collaboratively.


txbk is a platform for delivering interactive learning resources on mobile devices. It facilitates immersive and engaging education.


We enable fashion designers and brands to test their garments demand before going into production. Our proven software reduces excess inventory and lost sales.

CCI (Chronic Care Innovators)

CCI - a mobile 3D virtual reality patient engagement platform w/real-time interactive providers and Improved patient Activation, Compliance, and Cost Reduction.


Livespot 365 connects artists to fans through high definition live streaming of their events.


AudioDrops is an Augmented Audio Experience that enables bands, brands, and fans to personalize space and discover music anywhere.


If BBC One, Spotify and Soundcloud had a baby it would be GrooveFox.


Bloomerent is a green online platform that connects two weddings in close proximity, allowing them to share their flowers, save money and reduce waste.


Plumvo helps everyone feel confident about the future, with tools, information and expertise to make financial planning easy.

Vital Performance

Providing high performance, low cost fashion based fitness gear and apparel. Plan is to scale quickly using social media marketing and selling in big box stores


Mobile App : The Shazam for people : see who is around you and connect with them !


The fastest and most user-friendly way to manage lines and waitlists.


CrowdFlik is the patented mobile video synchronization and collaboration platform that enables quick review and creation of new videos from shared videos.