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Art Frankly

Art Frankly is the LinkedIn for art world professionals.

Nectar Desk

Interactive Call Center Software for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Neture, Inc.

A new internet service provider targeting underserved markets, with the goal of becoming the digital services gateway for over 50M connected homes.

Torsh Inc.

We increase teacher quality by deploying a video–based teacher observation and data analytics platform that interprets classroom activities.

SoHo Places

SoHo Places arranges licensing agreements with vacant retail space for 20% of the asking rate and then charges remote workers to use the space by the hour.


We build complete medical records for chronic disease patients, extracting the data within to create the world's first "complete" dataset for machine learning.

EatDrinkJobs is a restaurant / bar job site for qualified, recommended employees. Job seekers create profiles with recommendations from peers, instructors, mana

Symkala, Inc.

Symkala is a machine learning and data integration platform that puts the power of big data into the hands of non-technical users. It's Palantir for everyone.


Prodeus tracks students time learning across all online education providers, letting users showcase their work and expertise with ease.

MPAC Solutions

Democratizing access to Business Development for Diverse MVPs- Movements, Ventures, and People like you!

Quality Reviews

Quality Reviews' flagship product RateMyHospital® helps hospitals collect and manage real-time patient feedback via mobile devices.


Automation and client retention platform for small service businesses like beauty salons and barber shops.

The Complete Social Media Marketing Solution: publishing, scheduling, app-builder, ecomm, analytics and gameification - for web + mobile.

The Last Kind

We are an experienced team of passion driven game developers. We will bring in the Mobile space a game changer, the next generation of Clash of Clan's success


Soara is a career path optimization platform that provides students a personalized career journey based on their aspirations, personalities, and abilities.


Send, spend, and get money anywhere in the world for free.


GoChat is a feature-rich social toolbar for websites - imagine a Meebo or Wibiya that was designed by Apple.

Karma Network

Business opinion and analysis from today’s industry leaders, for the most purposeful and creative investors.