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Kolu is a mobile app that uses mutual interests to match travelers with local guides for customized walking tours and recommendations of a given area.


Automating the entire rental process through smartphones.


Our purpose is to unify image processing and machine learning technologies with online apparel shopping to eliminate its primary problems.

Nectar Desk

Interactive Call Center Software for Small and Medium Size Businesses


Bloomerent is a green online platform that connects two weddings in close proximity, allowing them to share their flowers, save money and reduce waste.

Toilets for People

2.5 billion people need toilets. Toilets for People makes an affordable, waterless composting toilet called the CRAPPER that we sell to sanitation focused NGOs.

Star Racers

Star Racers is a novel that could become a valuable franchise with many revenue streams as a book series, movie, video game, and merchandise.

Required Marketing

Grow your business effective, Easy-To-Use online tools and services to attract customers and keep them coming back.


Bubble is the definitive platform for enabling non-technical people to build sophisticated websites like Etsy or airbnb without code.


We seek to revolutionize the way Museums and Cultural Organizations work by bringing together donor, visitor, POS and collection management.

Monotote inc.

Contextual Commerce is the next phase in digital retail. Monotote’s technology will power it.

Fig Food Company, LLC

Fig Food Co. focuses on improving the health of people and planet by promoting the consumption of sustainably-grown, plant-based food.


Mobile payments that increase profitability.

Modern Meadow

Applying latest advances in tissue engineering to create meat and leather without the need to raise, slaughter and transport animals.

theBOM (Black-Owned Market)

TheBOM is a dynamic pop-up market experience that provides access to all of your favorite Black-Owned brands under the same roof.

Now In Store

The Digital Marketing Platform For Businesses.

TEB Technology

Transit Elevated Bus (aka Straddling Bus) has gained world wide attention, it will be a new option for the public transportation in the near future.


Lifestander monetizes content people share everyday through its publishing platform making it profitable anywhere.