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Imprssiv is Match.Com for Menswear. We connect men to a curated assortment of apparel based on the type of woman he wants and how she likes a man to dress. ​

Reality Sports Online, Inc.

Want-to-be GMs are paying to use our innovative Fantasy Front Office platform while media giants offer free, dated alternatives. We can reach millions more.

A next-generation PaaS designed for the development of microservices

Drunk Yoga™

Across America, urbanites gather in bars & other nontraditional spaces for a unique experience of yoga with wine. Come laugh, feel yourself and find community. uses the power of curated crowdsourcing to transform the way Film, TV, Advertising Agencies and Brands source and buy music.


Richie is an app to invest with friends towards common goals without sharing money.


WTM.NEWS is an online platform made to drive great local experiences through peer-driven content.


Bubbl makes all video interactive by adding a remix panel with “clip-and-share” tech to sites and apps.

eCaring, Inc.

eCaring keeps people in their homes and out of the hospital.


Askers is an audio-based mobile app that connects users to the people who inspire them, and creates a sharing economy around knowledge and experience.

Glass Handbag

Glass Handbag has designer handbags with a patented process to illuminate the interior of a handbag. Licensing and retail/wholesale possible.


Uchi8 is a site for Content Creators, to manage and monetise their work; and for Internet Users, to browse content in the easiest way possible.

Unite US

Unite US coordinates the delivery of services & care in local communities, connecting consumers (currently Military Families) with resources they need.

Dacostra inc

I have created an all in one personal kit that's very unique. It will make buying a pack of condom a thing of the's multifunctional and cost about $5 .


MediSprout is a telehealth solution for medical offices that creates a REIMBURSABLE way for Patients to speak or have an online visit with THEIR OWN PROVIDER.


eFileFAST is a SaaS platform that allows attorneys to electronically file documents to courts faster and easier than ever before while mitigating risks.

Inventway, a company that invents & markets its own innovative projects.

Voilà Chocolat

A unique retail entertainment concept where customers will be able to experience the magic of hand-crafting their own fine chocolates.


Dollaride is a mobility company serving people who live in transit deserts.

Sports Scholar

Sports Scholar aims to educate children in math and literary skills through real-life, topical sports content delivered via a web and tablet application.