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Grillbot, LLC

Grillbot sells an innovative product solution for automating the cleaning of barbecue grills, and has no real competition in our market.


When you have to be away from your family. FAMBOT brings the full sensory experience of being together. Hear smell and feel close anywhere


Job Matching software built on breakthrough patented Profile Matching technology that revolutionizes how resumes are evaluated and matched to jobs.


StyleScan is a photo sharing app that allows users to share, discover, and shop the latest fashion trends. We are currently acquiring users at $0.29.


Dollaride is a mobility company serving people who live in transit deserts.


Music Database Network (MDbN) is a social network, structured to music, like Internet Movie Database is to film.

Hip Hop's Legend

Helping the world understand the origins and impact of Hip Hop Music in a trivia game format.

Fantasy Life App

Mobile community for guys to find content, get advice, discuss all things sports, entertainment, and life.

Sheldon's Startup

Social media selling platform for artist filmmakers authors to sell,stream digital products and a percentage of the earnings goes to a moneypool for fans to win

Funding Gates

Funding Gates is an all-in-one platform for managing receivables.

Budge, Inc

Budge is the fun way to challenge your friends to anything, the loser then donates to charity and redeems goods from branded CSR campaigns.


Providing entrepreneurs with crowdfunding specialists all in one crowdfunding platform.

Baru Inc.

Use Augmented Reality to resize furniture before buying. Manufactured with idle robotics in your hometown. Delivered in under 2 weeks.

Blue Frontier

Founded by a team of industry veterans to commercialize the innovative integration of a revolutionary air conditioning technology with low-cost energy storage.

Serial Box

Called “HBO for readers” by NPR, Serial Box brings readers and listeners original serials that are released in weekly episodes during 10-13 week seasons


flux is developing a smart consumer device so the world's most wholesome food can be grown by anyone. Think of us as the Nest for hydroponics.

Mimely, Inc

Mimely connects mental health clients with peer counselors, peer professionals, and licensed mental health practitioners

Brayola is the first and only marketplace that helps every woman find the perfect bra fit.