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Nineteenth Amendment

Nineteenth Amendment is a production software to enable inventory-free, sales and power on-demand manufacturing. We are moving manufacturing to the cloud.

Art Frankly

Art Frankly is the LinkedIn for art world professionals.

Gandhi Medicos

Gandhi Medicos -India, established in the capital of the country-New Delhi in the year 2006,


We build social seating check in platform to help travelers see who is on board their flight, and assign all flight seats via FB/Lkin.

Cellepathy Ltd.

We use AI and mobile sensor data to solve connected-car problems like distracted driving (for employers) and user disengagement (for navigation app makers).


Customized SaaS resource, designed to ensure you know everything about your App 365 days a year - keeping you and your app users happy.


Rafiki's fruit from the Lion King


phoodE is an online platform that helps small businesses in the food service industry run their operations more efficiently & profitably.


Spuni, bringing world class design engineering to the 0 to 3 year old market


Global hackathon company, crowdsourced 20,000+ engineers to solve the largest enterprises' biggest problems to date. An entirely new enterprise solutions market


"I'm bored, what do YOU want to do?" What if you were able to pull up your own calendar of cool events happening in the area right now?

Infrared Medical Technology, LLC

A medical device company introducing the first long-range medical-grade thermometer that takes human temperatures from over 3 feet away.


SidelineSwap is an online marketplace where athletes buy and sell their sports gear.

Torsh Inc.

We increase teacher quality by deploying a video–based teacher observation and data analytics platform that interprets classroom activities.


I am seeking capital for my patent pending, category defining pet product in the $4.8B pet food market of 57MM US pet owners, which is currently in development.


Homespree offers stress-free home improvement from the convenience of your smartphone. Post a project and connect with quality contractors.

Pink Degree

Pink Degree is an eLearning platform that explores the transition period of college to career.

Hydra New York

Hydra is a member-based network of luxury shower studios found at convenient locations across cities and airports.