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PantyProp Inc.

PantyProp eliminates the health-risk linked to traditional sanitary care products by bridging the gap between health, hygiene, and comfort.


Pay Android phone users cash to allow us to serve contextual ads to the lock screen of their phone. Arbitrage ad revenue vs. what we pay.


Between taxis, smartphones and destinations, all you have to do is WAAVE.


Bringing friendship back to the table


Pairprep is a collaborative educational platform that enables educators to use artificial intelligence to create amazing content.


Dont you miss college? You never had to worry about picking the right class or graduating on time. No? If u had my app Advyzr you’d know exactly how that feels


E-Contenta is a personalized online marketing service helping Media companies to increase their ARPU & the number of paying customers.

SocialXpand Contract

Socialxpand knows social media is a great way of creating awareness about any social cause. It uses these tools for the benefit of the people and its clients.


A new coworking and co-learning platform to shape where you work and how you learn.

The Happy Pet People LLC

We seek to connect people who are away from home to their pets through innovative mobile-enabled products.


batteryPOP is a digital platform for the development, distribution and monetization of kids video, founded by Nickelodeon and Saban Brand alum.

TripUsher connects travelers with locals to curate unique itineraries based on specific interests, tastes and reasons for travel.

Auctio, Inc.

Auctio is a referral management platform that helps companies (B2B) launch and optimize referral programs.


TeachBoost is a teacher effectiveness platform that makes it easy to use classroom observations to improve professional development and build capacity.


Toast is a luxury, lifestyle Cannabis brand which redefines the ideal Cannabis experience & culture by promoting responsible product usage via a legal op. model


Buying and Selling a home without an agent made simple


Poshly is the real-time, on-demand consumer intelligence company.


ExoticLengthz is focused on defining the hair weaving industry .


Music Database Network (MDbN) is a social network, structured to music, like Internet Movie Database is to film.


numberFire is the next generation sports analytics platform.