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Red Matter Labs, LLC

We're building a hardware powered virtual coaching experience that's better than face-to-face personal training.

A completely new, transparent, and simple way to get car deals. Shoppers anonymously post what they're looking for and Dealers send them online offers.

The WingaDoos

Americans have $1.4T in college debt and 2/3 fail a basic financial literacy test. The WingaDoos is the best way to teach our young people the basics of money.


Lovoy is a two-sided platform that optimizes volunteering experience by providing an end-to-end solution for volunteers and organizations.


Replacing standardized assessments with mobile games that teach, assess who's at risk, and give teachers practical lesson suggestions.

FilmUin Inc.

FiLMUiN is an exciting video review platform, pioneering the way people review and confidently choose restaurants, hotels, nightlife and other locations.


Media Industry's first truly mobile B2B SaaS production ERP platform that transforms media production collaboration and management with digital workflows.


Because it's your stuff... ShareRight makes it easy to share, protect, license and monetize digital assets.

ShopperX Lab

ShopperX Lab is the invaluable resource for retailers and brands to transform the consumer shopping experience


ResearchConnection is the first searchable platform for all university research initiates and research jobs across the country.

Dog Parker

Dog Parker places high-tech, internet-connected dog houses on the sidewalk outside of stores where dogs aren't allowed serving both dog owners and retailers.


We Do Digital Like No One Else

Lavabit Services

Lavabit Password Recovery Wizard helps users to recover e-mail passwords stored in their computer.


Mobile app allowing users to monitor and lower their energy usage at home.


Jobsuitors is a platform for matching jobseekers and employers across critical dimensions of workplace fit.

green cube cafe

established in 2011, 6 stores in operations. Small footprint, can be anywhere and everywhere, ready for rapid expansion, franchise or company-owned.