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Tập Đoàn Công Nghiệp Năng Lượng Mặt Trời Mạnh Cường là tập đoàn hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực khai thác nguồn năng lượng từ mặt trời và đặc biệt là Điện mặt trời.

SocialXpand Complaints

Socialxpand thinks social media is not limited to blogging and sharing pictures. They are many other strong tools that social and know how to use

Asset Logix, Inc.

The Stocked Perfect platform brings realtime enterprise-grade inventory visibility to smaller independent and e-commerce retailers.


Physiclo creates functional fitness wear with built-in resistance designed to improve an individual's workout by their muscle activity increasing by 23%.


making real rates comparison possible!


OweYaa matches companies with high caliber military talent.


Whim is an Event Ticketing Company that does all the heavy lifting for you. With Artificial Intelligence software, anyone can run their event like a business.


Stileboard brings the social experience of shopping with friends right to your computer.

Qwanz LLC

App and sites let users "answer back" to governments, corporations, or the media while aggregating valuable detailed demographic profiles.

3P Partners, Inc

Enterprise partners boost engagement, retention, LTV - all through a low-friction platform that mashes up smart tech, game strategy and a currency of good.

The NGpire

Available is a social employment network to help freelancers connect in real time with a one click availability list including tag/share for job posts.

Loop de Luxe

Loop de Luxe is a new marketing & sales platform featuring high-end designers and local boutiques with a focus on USA-made luxury goods.


CollabTrade helps users to make investing more accessible through group trading.