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Instagram/Pinterest for sharing 3D interactive AR content. targets a gap that exists between E-Bay and Craigs List in the on-line auction space. The fix is smart, green, lucrative and fun.


OweYaa matches companies with high caliber military talent.

Real Discount Outlet

Looking for a reliable and latest Party supplies products online, without falling short on money this time?

Harvest Platform

Harvest Platform identifies negotiable bank fees and gets refunds, automatically.

Our startup puts the entire home buying transaction, Browsing to Closing (R), on the palm of your hand.

Jesse New York

Jesse New York is a fashion company creating fine luxury clothing exhibiting a premier aesthetic captivating our customers globally.


We use AI to compress videos 50x while improving video quality

RISE Products

RISE is a sustainable food technology startup that uses its patent-pending process to upcycle organic byproducts into healthy ingredients.

CrosbyNYC Corporation

CrosbyNYC's first-of-its-kind technology will ensure that individuals never lose their most valuable belongings again.


iMATTERS: a publishing platform that leverages community to create, curate & distribute content while optimizing access to premium audiences

Airacer Inc

A marketplace in the private aviation industry.

Meroe Capital Group, Ltd.

A Real Estate Portfolio Development Fund for the development of residential estate properties in Scottsdale, Arizona.


The only water alarm/leak detector that prevents floods and notifies the homeowner via Audio, Phone Call, Email, and Text.

ShopperX Lab

ShopperX Lab is the invaluable resource for retailers and brands to transform the consumer shopping experience


Google Docs meets Github for scientific research.

Tourlandish Inc

An on-demand mobile app that helps travelers book the best tours, activities & experiences for the next 24 hours at exclusive discounted prices in just 3 taps.


A video-based, personal style platform that celebrates the individuality of personal style, creating an authentic way to relate to fashion.

ufindd LLC

Helps companies in manufacturing/cpg/retail optimize profit, gain superior competitive intelligence and optimize demand-supply planning