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Animation Nights New York

We show animated short films and virtual reality animation experiences from all around the world.


Placemeter uses public video feeds and computer vision algorithms to create a real time data layer about places, streets, and neighborhoods.

Fantasy Buzzer

Fantasy Buzzer is the first service to simplify fantasy team management by sending customized alerts, providing authoritative recommendations, and delivering...


discover, order and share the best delivery in your neighborhood.

We bring students and coaches together via an online platform utilizing the latest technology for interaction, transaction and education.


Determiniety is the e-commerce solution for people with disabilities and their caregivers to discover products, events, and emerging technologies


Between taxis, smartphones and destinations, all you have to do is WAAVE.


Create, configure and host your own mail server in less than 5 minutes for only $5/month. Take back control of your email.

Groove Club LLC

We are blending social networking, reality TV, and gaming into one interesting experience". Four of our shows are under network review.


OweYaa matches companies with high caliber military talent.


It'sByU is the do-it-yourself flower kit company. We give you everything you need: the farm-fresh flowers, tools, containers, and a streaming video lesson.


Toast is a luxury, lifestyle Cannabis brand which redefines the ideal Cannabis experience & culture by promoting responsible product usage via a legal op. model

Toilets for People

2.5 billion people need toilets. Toilets for People makes an affordable, waterless composting toilet called the CRAPPER that we sell to sanitation focused NGOs.


anOthervision an urban based entertainment production company which produces original new media for and by urban youth.

Forteon Inc.

We aim to revolutionize how people look at motorcycle safety.


Affordable retirement management through an automated digital platform

Poplr Inc

Poplr's focus is to build a Big Data solutions for the mobile platform with the focus on human behavior.

Reading Room Inc

THE READING ROOM is one of the fastest growing, informative, and entertaining social book discovery channels in the world - 1.4m members & 525k FB followers.