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PantyProp Inc.

Leak-free hygiene wearables with real angled technology.

HeyBubble Inc.

NextGen Live chat support software for small and medium businesses websites. shows you fascinating people nearby and where they spend their valuable time.


We help academically inexperienced college students develop the thinking skills they need to graduate.


Trove will create a platform where users can discover, share, and store digital versions of their physical goods.


Acorn uses next-gen location technology to enable an intelligent reminders platform that allows users to notify others as well as self in precise locations.

CloudParc, Inc.

CloudParc uses advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to automate the parking lifecycle and provide intelligence.


Relevant is a B2B platform for restaurants to conduct CRM and 1-to-1 marketing. We help chain restaurants better engage with their guests.


flux is developing a smart consumer device so the world's most wholesome food can be grown by anyone. Think of us as the Nest for hydroponics.

Inshur Inc

Expedia of insurance for on-demand drivers


Imagine a place like Starbucks but with Beer & Wine, more engaging and no one looking at their screens but conversing with each other's and having a good time.


We create high quality accessories for personal electronic devices.

Healthify, Inc.

Healthify works with Medicaid managed care to improve the quality and reduce the cost of care by addressing the social determinants of health.


on site on demand + 24/7 self service mobile device repair, replace, recharge, recycle network


Pathgather is a new approach to enterprise learning that helps employees share what they know and connect around professional development.


Platform utilizing non-invasive sensors and machine learning to detect deteriorating health conditions before the onset of symptoms.

Skin OS ™

Skin OS ™ develops and licenses connected consumer skin care devices.

Action Audio Apps, Inc.

Action Audio Apps, Inc. “Technologically advanced audio enhancement for in-venue content dedicated to change forever the way spectators experience live events”


Unbound is the only empowering sexual lifestyle company for women by women.