Showing 81 - 100 of 11046 Startups targets a gap that exists between E-Bay and Craigs List in the on-line auction space. The fix is smart, green, lucrative and fun.


SWIPECAST is the new paradigm for the creative industry - a discovery and booking platform for today's image makers.


Providing an end to end solution for the hospitality industry. Engaging the customer from discovery and check in to payment and reengagement.


Goalsetter is a goal-based savings platform - designed just for kids and powered by gifts from those that love them.


Licenders is the premier head lice removal service. Our product line is all natural and we provide lice treatment in homes and our salons.


Touchable is a touch screen software platform designed to promote lead generation and analyze consumer behavior for brick and mortar businesses.


New York City's first on-demand hourly storage mobile app for people on the go


DotAlign delivers relationship intelligence to “connect the dots” on business opportunities.

3P Partners, Inc

Enterprise partners boost engagement, retention, LTV - all through a fun, addictive platform that mashes up smart tech, game strategy and a currency of good.


The Social Network for Social People. Keep track of your social life by instantly sharing plans with friends. Know who is going where, when.

Calcbench, Inc.

We supply financial analytics that come from XBRL, an electronic filing standard. The data is richer and more actionable than competitors.

The Pearl Dream, Inc.

DreamAfrica is a global subscription streaming platform for multicultural content backed by DreamGalaxy, a network of cross cultural creatives around the world.

PoiDomani Marketing Products

From the inventors of the Trong-the 4th eating utensil, comes UpSHIFTr, a 3.5mm phone case with a precision engineered extension handle for that perfect pic.


Unified Shopping Platform

ufindd LLC

Helps companies in manufacturing/cpg/retail optimize profit, gain superior competitive intelligence and optimize demand-supply planning


EZfaceplate outlet cover has the receptacle face built into it why change a perfectly good working outlet because of its look No need to replace Just Ezface!


Blockchain enabled marketplace for creators and consumers of financial data and investment ideas to monetize from each other.


Availendar: Connecting professional event planners and brides to the calendars of reputable vendors.


"Kickstarter for parties" -TIME