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Akila Labs

Artificial Intelligence based health coach to reverse Prediabetes

Gabrielle Sanchez, Inc.

New York based jewelry designer with proven track record and profitable looking for mentoring, management help and some funding to scale up


WorkStride is a recognition and incentive software solution that helps companies communicate values, recognize great work, and reward results.

PantyProp Inc.

Leak-free hygiene wearables with real angled technology.

DriveUp Storage, LLC.

Simplifying storage for urbanites since 2012. We Bring, you Load, we Detach, we Store, and we Deliver.


UmbrellaMD is a medical marketplace catering to cash paying patients with deductibles/out of pocket health care costs.

SanTech Global Corp.

SanTech Global Corp. offers mobile ordering and payment solutions for offline stores, using NFC technology.

BlueBook Academy

A smarter online training platform to link education tracks to jobs.


CommonKey is a B2B SaaS platform that allows organizations to easily and securely manage and share access to all their cloud-based web services.


Denarri helps users get the best price for the items they love in 3 clicks by learning their shopping habits.


Start-up creating an advanced emergency technology platform to predict emergencies, warn people in harm's way, and ensure first responders are one touch away.


The world's first adaptive training platform for English language proficiency exams, starting with the TOEFL®


Propelled by exclusive deals with State Bar Associations, will be the largest, most data rich, and trusted legal marketplace in the United States.


WTM.NEWS is an online platform made to drive great local experiences through peer-driven content.


RecruiterAccess connects companies and recruiters. Think of us as LendingTree for small companies looking to hire and manage recruiters.


Hookist is a collaborative music social network that gives YOU the unprecedented THRILL of writing original songs w music's most respected artists is a social media site that maintains the best two-way line of communication for the players in nightlife industry.


SalesForce for Crowdfunding. Only SaaS platform based on proprietary game theory crowdfunding optimization algorithm.

GEM | Global Entertainment Matrix

Private on-demand platform for elite marketing & entertainment bookings thru influencer monetization which improves transactional relationships via Mobile App.