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Blockchain enabled marketplace for creators and consumers of financial data and investment ideas to monetize from each other.

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Crypto Pay Pal. Sell in $ or favorite crypto and receive payments in+100 crypto currencies.0% fees for buyers.crypto rewards for influencers with just 1 account


Interactive expert systems on common legal issues, which automatically provide intelligent, data-driven evaluations.


Shopography is a product discovery and purchase platform for just about anything. Millions of consumers connect to millions of products in a fun, authentic way


Brainscape is an adaptive web/mobile education platform that helps you learn anything more efficiently, using cognitive science.


Rocking Facebook Ads for eCommerce Companies


Protect, promote and sell the sensational photos and videos you're sharing online.


A new algorithm-based transmission technology that leverages teraFLOPS of computing power to resolve the transport issues of “Big Data."

Botego Inc

Botego develops commercial applications of Natural Language Processing technologies that will transform the way the industry deals with customer interaction,...


The world's 1 st community for live social video debates and video debate tournaments


Ask your local middle school if they want to teach coding. They do, but they don't know how. Codesters is the answer that will get coding into that school.


Location based app to discover fitness professionals in your area, connect with the ones you like, and schedule training sessions. (Yes, we know it's amazing)

Lot Info

Lot Info's Map Gold searches through a vast pool of sales and property assets enabling businesses to find opportunities first.


SSJ is a MMOG that allows users to compete against others in financial market tournaments using realtime data & win cash prizes. Play to Win

3P Partners, Inc

Enterprise partners boost engagement, retention, LTV - all through a fun, addictive platform that mashes up smart tech, game strategy and a currency of good.

We rush things to you, on demand! - Baked by Wayra and StartupChile


AGORIQUE is an online wholesale fashion marketplace for independent brands and specialty retailers worldwide to discover, connect and transact year round.

Farrow Ventures, Inc.

Farrow subsidizes expensive mobile plans in high growth, developing markets by placing advertisements and other sponsored content on a user’s lock screen.

GolfMatch Inc.

GolfMatch solves the fundamental problems for golfers and courses, which incentives increased participation and drives incremental revenue to the golf industry.