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Collaborizm is an online tech incubator and collaboration community for technically skilled emerging markets millennials.

The Language Chef

The Language Chef aims to become a strong Media Company focusing on Food, Foreign Language and Travel.

Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart is an award-winning online retailer of custom engagement rings and fine diamond jewellery

One Drop

One Drop is a diabetes management platform that helps people navigate diabetes together.

Torsh Inc.

We increase teacher quality by deploying a video–based teacher observation and data analytics platform that interprets classroom activities.


A sharing economy for kids education. Our tech enables a distributed workforce of leaders to market and deliver high quality outdoor kids classes everywhere.


Music Database Network (MDbN) is a social network, structured to music, like Internet Movie Database is to film.


The first end-to-end Rental platform for Tenants and Landlords

AW Healthcare Management, Inc.

The HeadRight: ONLY true spinal/posture correcting pillow relieving back/neck pain; designed by a chiropractor w/ 35 yrs practice experience

MuMM uses visual choices to give brands and celebrities a more meaningful way to engage their audience and produce actionable data.

We rush things to you, on demand! - Baked by Wayra and StartupChile


We have great idias for games and apps and looking for some one that see it and want to grow with us, we start with first mobile game and from there we going up

Turbo 360

We eliminate the need for backend development, which results in enormous time and cost savings.

Try The World

Online destination for affordable quality food from around the world


Zuznow’s AI rapid mobile application development platform enables enterprises to build premium enterprise apps with speed and scalability not humanly possible.

Klunc Inc.

Klunc drives the lowest consumer price by enabling real-time competition from multiple retailers for an individual purchase transaction in a reverse auction.

New Vibe

New Vibe is a contemporary Women's wear line of Wearable Hybrids, called TACTSTyLES, that brings new functionalities and new comfort to 21st century.

Become on-demand, pluggable, global tech department for SMBs which will eventually reduce the need for setting up an in-house team for them.