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AdRoll meets LinkedIn InMail – a new communication channel for sending 1-to-1 messages to web prospects via retargeted ads


Healthmatica provides a revolutionary new way for healthcare professionals to analyze patient reported outcomes using machine learning.

Gig Lance

Gig Lance is a gig economy platform that facilitate a relationship between advice seeker and seller


Not just cyber security. DATA security. The most impactful weapon in the war against data theft. If you don't have Stash, you don't have secure data. CT/NY/NV


A B2C company where women exchange their high quality fashions for shopping credits


Create, sign, send, and translate custom contracts on your phone in under a minute.

Speculative Flow

Speculative Flow is a hybrid robo-advisory platform for real estate that allows investors to build portfolios of real estate securities.

Heed Media

We are a pop-culture and digital-first driven media outlet with content geared specifically for a multi-ethnic demographic via various streams of distribution.


Guestt is a platform in which corporations pay for prospective clients to attend events in exchange for marketing services on the companies behalf.

Redaptiv Health Inc.

A social enterprise company whose core focus is on proprietary products and nutraceuticals that support that rejuvenate health.

Pillo Health

Pillo is an intelligent medication management platform and personal health assistant for the home.

The Book Blossoms

The Book Blossoms is a company that creates unique book clubs for children.


Mezocliq provides a cloud-based enterprise technology solution which unifies fragmented legacy data & enables broad-ranging analytics & process transformation.


For publishers and advertisers, Appweevr provides actionable content insights and targeted segments based on what engages their users and how.


FeedMob is a self-serve mobile advertising platform that enables app companies to directly bid in real time for ads to that drive installs.


Gamified investment platform for millennials that teaches the basics of finance, allows to invest real and virtual money, all in a social Venmo-like environment


We have great idias for games and apps and looking for some one that see it and want to grow with us, we start with first mobile game and from there we going up

Revmax, Inc.

Revmax builds demand forecasting software for on-demand mobility fleets.