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Just Keep Moving

Just Keep Moving is looking to disrupt the worlds of gaming, fitness and social media forever

America Green Solar

Integrated Solar Company that utilizes technology not currently present in the marketplace to operate in All 50 with conversion times of 5 mins


The Social Network for Social People. Keep track of your social life by instantly sharing plans with friends. Know who is going where, when.

Calcbench, Inc.

We supply financial analytics that come from XBRL, an electronic filing standard. The data is richer and more actionable than competitors.


An IOS subscription service that prints up to 30 mobile photos a month and delivers them in functional packaging called the 'shel'

NavaFit Inc.

NavaFit is a mobile app and software that helps individuals find people and activities that can help them meet their wellness goals.


Koyfin is building research tools for stock investors focused on visualization

ROSCA Finance

ROSCA Finance is a global community money sharing platform that allows members to borrow, save, and invest through collaboration.


SugarWaterRadio is an Internet radio station looking to go FM. SWR Has bin in the radio game for 5 years and we are looking for Investor


101 is transforming the college STEM lecture hall with a next-generation active learning platform that promotes student engagement and improves student outcomes


Part streaming service and part direct-to-fan sales platform, Busker offers and simpler and more profitable way to distribute music online.


Where Beauty and Wellness Professionals build their brands!

Mixcity Inc

Our product JammText helps DJs book more gigs and charge more by providing an interactive experience that their customers love

Shopperception Inc

In-store analytics and activation for grocers, pharmacies and cosmetics.


CrowdFlik is the patented mobile video synchronization and collaboration platform that enables quick review and creation of new videos from shared videos.


Between taxis, smartphones and destinations, all you have to do is WAAVE.

Invergo Coffee

Coffee is a experience, deeply engrained in our culture, we are improving that experience at home.

The Search Engine for Music Creators. It's like Google search for Artists, Producers & Songwriters