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Piels Beer

Iconic New York heritage beer brand founded in 1883, making a comeback!

MealPlan Inc

An app that aggregates or lets you input your schedule. You then choose friends and we calculate the best time for you all to eat together.

First Access

First Access reliably predicts risk for consumers who have never had a bank account or credit score, using prepaid mobile data.

Melty Cone Video

Melty Cone is a full service video production company in NYC.


A B2C company where women exchange their high quality fashions for shopping credits


The world's simplest, most minimalistic status reporting app for executives, managers, CEOs and their teams. No information overload, only essential updates.

PHP's Startup

Đến với PHPTRAVELS bạn sẽ được trải nghiệm một bộ mã nguồn dành riêng cho ngành du lịch chuyên nghiệp nhất tại Việt Nam.

a brainstorming competition for founders and investors; experience the startup life in a single afternoon.

Lupanara Gelateria

Trying to choose between dessert or cocktails is like a lose-lose situation. Lupanara Gelato satiates your sweet tooth and is indulgently buzz-worthy.

ProAthlete TV

The sports media market is saturated with news, highlights, and analysis. ProAthlete TV aims to become the premier media company for pro athlete lifestyle.

RISE Products

RISE is a sustainable food technology startup that uses its patent-pending process to upcycle organic byproducts into healthy ingredients.


The world's fastest human translation platform, delivering client-ready output in 75 languages, faster & more affordably than any other service.

Gabrielle Sanchez, Inc.

New York based jewelry designer with proven track record and profitable looking for mentoring, management help and some funding to scale up

Doo Aquino

“THE LIVES YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN” a global luxury brand of body armor apparel with a distinctive New York style identity.

Equitable Origin

The world's first and only market-based certification for responsible oil and gas production.

Couponomy Inc.

Couponomy uses a proprietary algorithm that lets users automatically share the value of loyalty points they earn with their entire network of friends.


Unigo is an online business matching students with colleges, scholarships, internships, student loans, majors and careers.

Clean Ice Trays

Clean ice trays uses a filter (patent pending) to convert tap water into clean ice.