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Location based app to discover fitness professionals in your area, connect with the ones you like, and schedule training sessions. (Yes, we know it's amazing)

UGo Smoothies

The UGo automated smoothie store, stores frozen fruits and vegetables and blends smoothies on demand, The whole process is visible through our transparent case.

The Weekend SPIN Inc.

The Weekend SPIN is an app which automatically creates a SPIN of your weekend as one beautiful interactive post.

Striking 101

Striking 101 has become the official striking program/ affiliate for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools and will continue to do so.


The Exerblast system is a multi-zone game environment that plunges kids & adults into a richly varied, seamless, 45-minute fitness adventure


Better fashion m-commerce: fun, social, customized to your tastes. A fix of inspiration that learns from what you love to discover and shop for great fashion


We're a self serve marketplace that connects between brands and social media influencers.

Vonvo is a video event platform enabling companies to brand story-tell in the most engaging manner. Think of Vonvo as Google Hangouts meets KickStarter hybrid.


Kahnoodle makes it easier for busy couples to win at love.


Unique analytics and collaboration software that empowers spreadsheet-based financial model stakeholders of all skill levels to make better decisions


We simplify the entire event management process, connecting organizers and participants all in one platform.


BrandVerge is an online marketplace where advertisers can access custom digital media opportunities on demand.

Cook Social

Cook Social: A New Trend after Ride and Room Sharing, it’s the Ultimate Food Sharing

AdRail USA

AdRail USA is the exclusive U.S. provider of the patented technology (AdRail) for escalator handrail advertising.

Piels Beer

Iconic New York heritage beer brand founded in 1883, making a comeback!


Soara is a career path optimization platform that provides students a personalized career journey based on their aspirations, personalities, and abilities.

Nomi Beauty

Nomi Beauty supplies on demand salon services to the worlds largest hotel groups via an integrated platform.

SanTech Global Corp.

SanTech Global Corp. offers mobile ordering and payment solutions for offline stores, using NFC technology.