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D8able LLC

LGBTQ Matchmaking & Dating Advising company focused on showing the community how to be D8able and then matching them with someone through detailed psy-profiling

Fleur H2O

Fleur H2O is the first Ready-To-Drink premium floral-infused beverage line, intended for health-minded and socially responsible consumers.


We are the nation's leading provider of Mobile Device Charging Stations. We rent to over 500 conferences and events each year, and sell/lease worldwide.


FITIST has reinvented the gym with one membership to the best of the best boutique studios.


Leveraging the shared economy for restaurant recommendations via text, Blikkee connects foodies to local neighborhood experts. Think Airbnb... for advice.


Toast is a luxury, lifestyle Cannabis brand which redefines the ideal Cannabis experience & culture by promoting responsible product usage via a legal op. model

Landstylist is your virtual garden designer. It can help design any outdoor space in a way that is tailored to your look, budget, and lifestyle.


Teckst is a platform for businesses to receive and send texts with customers. Unlike phone calls, texts are quick and less invasive.


AdmitSee is a social media platform where thousands of verified college & grad students share their application materials and advice with prospective students.


Uchi8 is a site for Content Creators, to manage and monetise their work; and for Internet Users, to browse content in the easiest way possible.

XapiX Inc.

"Github of APIs" - XapiX makes it easy for developers to discover, combine and consume data/services from multiple API providers.

PoiDomani Marketing Products

From the inventors of the Trong-the 4th eating utensil, comes UpSHIFTr, a 3.5mm phone case with a precision engineered extension handle for that perfect pic.

Reading Room Inc

THE READING ROOM is one of the fastest growing, informative, and entertaining social book discovery channels in the world - 1.4m members & 525k FB followers.

Plated revolutionizes the fresh food supply chain - the online-first approach to building the Warby Parker of food


SugarWaterRadio is an Internet radio station looking to go FM. SWR Has bin in the radio game for 5 years and we are looking for Investor


A sharing economy for kids education. Our tech enables a distributed workforce of leaders to market and deliver high quality outdoor kids classes everywhere.


Simple and easy infinite super-secure storage with intelligence.