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Sollega Inc.

Sollega provides the best flat roof solar PV mounting system on the market, reducing installation time, costs, and risks.


Wellth provides a platform to enable health plans and ACOs to deliver financial incentive programs for chronic disease patients via mobile application.

SheerStyle, Inc.

Hosiery is one of the best fashion items you can sell online, though very few are truly capitalizing on it. With a markup of 230% to 600%, we will. is an online event platform that allows people to create, manage and promote events and communities.

Bo Co.

Branded entertainment products that prepare preschool children to code.


Candidate Engagement Platform - Save for later, apply when ready.


We build social seating check in platform to help travelers see who is on board their flight, and assign all flight seats via FB/Lkin.


UNPACK delivers curated clothing and gear to hotels and Airbnb's so travelers can pack less and discover premium products that make sense for their trip.

SnowSugar Video

Universally connected with sympathy people by user generated life story videos - Becoming a smartphone videographer with revenue sharing


We believe that money should work for you, not against you. NestEgg is an online advisor democratizing Wall Street's investment tools.


A platform enabling you to beautifully commemorate the most important people and milestones in your life.

Category 5 Entertainment Management

We work every day to discover, develop and promote critically and commercially successful artists; each diverse in sound and genre with hit songs.

Dagmy Motors

We design & manufacture advanced and affordable electric vehicles and EV technologies.

Best Investments

We buy profitable turn-key operating businesses with our capital and reinvest the profit to grow the business and buy turn key businesses.

Exam Elf

Exam Elf takes the worry out of standardized testing. Exam Elf teaches students 12 skills needed to face exams feeling confident & calm, which improves results.


Healthmatica provides a revolutionary new way for healthcare professionals to analyze patient reported outcomes using machine learning.


MensAlley is a men's shopping site that is a go-to for gifts. It will make gift shopping fast and efficient by providing pre-selected gifts.


Promotia is revolutionizing promotional marketing with an algorithmic, data-driven platform to help merchants answer the question "What Offer Should I Run?"