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Rx Games Events

At Rx Games we have a dedicated team making sure your event goes smoothly, hassle free and just the way you want it.


Mobile bid auction platform that allows riders to “name your own price” for car service, enabling drivers to identify fares on demand.


AudioDrops is an Augmented Audio Experience that enables bands, brands, and fans to personalize space and discover music anywhere.


Dont you miss college? You never had to worry about picking the right class or graduating on time. No? If u had my app Advyzr you’d know exactly how that feels


The World's Visual Conversation Network

AudioCook (Red Ruby LLC)

AudioCook streamlines daily cooking and meal planning through interactive guided recipes, integrated ecommerce and social interaction.

Thanks, Bro

Say thanks like a man - with beef jerky & beer.

The Restaurant Zone

Restaurant classified advertising platform catering to restaurant and food professionals.


We developed smart fuel cap that uses data and analytics to solve $10B annually problem of fuel overspending and company fuel card misuse in trucking industry.


MilagrosArt cultivates harmony between the creative process and clients by nurturing the unique vibrations that resonate within each being and the art.

Modabound Inc.

Online marketplace that helps women buy and sell fashion items with people in their area.

Tidal Labs

Tidal is a platform to amplify and monetize social content. We give passionate people a bigger voice by displaying their content on larger sites.


Codify - the easiest way to share your contact info w/anyone, to update others when your info changes and to keep your address book current. targets a gap that exists between E-Bay and Craigs List in the on-line auction space. The fix is smart, green, lucrative and fun.


bodyADDICTS elite online fitness network introduces clients to certified “train anywhere” specialist who deliver functional fitness services

SocialGrade, Inc.

Social Grade is a passive social media monitoring system that also scores, categorizes, and improves your kids’ social media behaviors.


DocDelta is the talent engine for healthcare recruiting, using predictive analytics to identify which physicians are interested in moving jobs.


iMATTERS: a publishing platform that leverages community to create, curate & distribute content while optimizing access to premium audiences


WhoseYourLandlord brings quality to the rental experience by helping root out bad landlords and connect quality renters with quality home providers.