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Technology company that develops products of sustainable mobility destined to make the world a better place for future generations.


Designer, manufacturer and retailer of innovative pet hard goods


Zocdoc for Immigrant Legal Help


We help restaurants build their own loyal "Mob" so they can bring their regulars back more often, filling tables on demand and PROFITABLY


Fit4D solves for diabetes Rx persistency problem which is costing healthcare >$13B/year and is growing.

Redaptiv Health Inc.

A social enterprise company whose core focus is on proprietary products and nutraceuticals that support that rejuvenate health.

Shopperception Inc

In-store analytics and activation for grocers, pharmacies and cosmetics.

DrinkSavvy Inc.

Colorimetric chemical sensors for the real-time, field-of-use, instantaneous detection of 'date rape drugs' in alcoholic beverages with platform tech extensions

Big Think

Big Think is the knowledge company for the knowledge economy

A media company for everything dance.


Turning likes into $1, $2 or $3 donations.

Unit Four LLC

Seeking 2 round funding for an inovative 5 in 1 home fitness product that is infomercial worthy.

eCaring, Inc.

eCaring keeps people in their homes and out of the hospital.

SheerStyle, Inc.

Hosiery is one of the best fashion items you can sell online, though very few are truly capitalizing on it. With a markup of 230% to 600%, we will.


OpBandit provides simple editorial tools for A/B testing headlines, photos, and content placement for online publishers and content marketers.

Groove Club LLC

We are blending social networking, reality TV, and gaming into one interesting experience". Four of our shows are under network review.


Jobsuitors is a platform for matching jobseekers and employers across critical dimensions of workplace fit.