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Atozus is an online platform which lets buyers of made to order industrial goods request for a quote complete with all the vital information they need (engin...

Balance Engineering, LLC

The most comprehensive, objective digital system for human balance dysfunction treatment in eldercare, orthopedic and head trauma care.

Lit Stories

Lit Stories allows you to watch exclusive video content directly from your email inbox.


The WNDR CLOUD GAMING CONSOLE delivers the power of high-end, immersive gaming to any browser on any device-- in seconds. is building the next generation of cloud/mobile enterprise software, an end to end suite as easy to use and implement as a single-point solution.


Simplifying daily computing with security and privacy in mind.


Where all web-based videos meet mass-audience !


Cities change while you're not looking. Stay updated on areas that matter to you, and become a local market expert 10x faster.

AllTheRooms Seed-2 (Follow-on)

AllTheRooms is the world’s largest accommodations search engine, containing the world’s largest collection of accommodations industry data


BlocPower's smart cities platform leverages IOT, machine learning, and fintech to develop clean energy at scale in US cities.

Neture, Inc.

A new internet service provider targeting underserved markets, with the goal of becoming the digital services gateway for over 50M connected homes.


RecruiterAccess connects companies and recruiters. Think of us as LendingTree for small companies looking to hire and manage recruiters.


We developed smart fuel cap that uses data and analytics to solve $10B annually problem of fuel overspending and company fuel card misuse in trucking industry.

Required Marketing

Grow your business effective, Easy-To-Use online tools and services to attract customers and keep them coming back.


Turning likes into $1, $2 or $3 donations.

BrideClick, Inc

The Largest Digital Bridal Advertising Platform in the $61 Billion Bridal Industry

An intuitive and easy way to accurately file hard-to-understand paperwork required by bureaucratic systems like Medicare, Medicaid, and Medigap.


Reinventing tech hiring using machine intelligence