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Geeking Out

Geeking Out is a New York City-based digital services agency


We help digital publishers increase ad revenue by improving the ad performance their inventory delivers


Goliath is a Real Estate app aimed to change how properties bought and sold through providing a better user guidance and eliminating reliance on agencies.


We use AI to compress videos 50x while improving video quality

AW Healthcare Management, Inc.

The HeadRight: ONLY true spinal/posture correcting pillow relieving back/neck pain; designed by a chiropractor w/ 35 yrs practice experience


Releaf connects African businesses to customers they can trust.


We simplify the entire event management process, connecting organizers and participants all in one platform.


ThriveTracker is a wellness app that helps users record key data to proactively manage their mood and avoid costly reactive treatments or even death by suicide.


Blockchain based e commerce and investment platform for refugees accompanied by biometric and digital identity


BeeOnTheGo is a complete system, front end application and back end. Together they enable an endless number of possibilities relating to concierge services.

Meroe Capital Group, Ltd.

A Real Estate Portfolio Development Fund for the development of residential estate properties in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Brainscape is an adaptive web/mobile education platform that helps you learn anything more efficiently, using cognitive science.


LifeNome is a genomics Software as a Service (gSaaS) platform, leveraging biological, physiological, and behavioral data to power precision health and wellness.

Miniature Pastries LLC

Miniature Pastries LLC, d.b.a Canelé by Céline is an existing manufacturer and supplier of 2 refined French pastries mini canelés/financiers


PAYYAP revolutionises consumer payments w/ biometrically secured, voice-driven credit card payments in real-time via “pure App” no plugins, swipers or hardware