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ScanBiz Mobile Solutions, L.P.

3 yr old business-focused mobile software company with 1.5M app downloads. Seeking $500K-1M to accelerate growth. ~10 people and profitable.

Infovium web scraping services

Infovium web scraping services company is largest data scraping services provider in USA, Canada, India and more countries.

OpenStile, Inc.

We help shoppers book personal styling sessions with fashion retailers. We create a more personalized and profitable shopping experience.

Sheldon's Startup

Social media selling platform for artist filmmakers authors to sell,stream digital products and a percentage of the earnings goes to a moneypool for fans to win

Lauren Marotta

A Shopping interactive survey app redesigning itself to benefit the customer while helping retailers as an ultimate consumer retention tool


NewlyWish is an online wedding registry gifting service that unites independent shops and brands with couples creating gift lists.

Parabiotic Research & Development Corp.

Parabiotic is developing combination antibiotic/probiotic drug products encapsulated together for the treatment of inflammatory bowel and infectious diseases.


Online university platform for project skill sharing and feedback.


Turning the world tobacco free

Talking Pictures LLC

PixStori™ is a social app to record and share stories about your photos, linking voice and image in "talking pictures." Imagine oral history meets Instagram.

Open Haus

OH will be a haven for all parents offering a signature pre/postnatal fitness method, a café/ community space, childcare, expert advice and member programming.


The New Frozen Way to Snack Healthy, LifeIce is the First All Natural, Bite-Sized Ices, Sold Shelf Stable in Ready-to-Freeze Trays.

Clean Plates OmniMedia

Digital Media for the NEW FOOD CULTURE Healthy eating has gone mainstream, but sources of info like BonAppetit haven’t. We fill the info gap for 145M people


We create transparency in commercial real estate by gathering information that his hard to find, difficult to compile or unavailable.

Baru Inc.

Baru uses idle factory automation so that people can buy custom furniture to perfectly fit every spot in every home. and receive it within days, worldwide.


Reinventing The Shopping. Come From The Future. It's Hybrid.


We empower companies to create and distribute branded goods to their fans/leads/customers automatically

Pearl - ExOS Inc.

Dramatically altering the scalability, usability, and cognitive impacts of technology via a new operating system and hardware/software/internet paradigm.


Better life choices through a First Ever Artificial Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence mobile product, powered by IBM Watson and Proprietary Patents