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FamUpdate is a private social networking site for families. We protect the family unit without sacrificing the collection of useful data for advertisers.


Digital Promotion Intelligence … to prove the impact of digital on retail sales.

Urban Stone

We recycle stone waste into green building materials. We empower the inner city poor and formerly incarcerated with meaningful employment and company ownership.

Oreks Company LLC

Oreks is a young, innovative company that specializes in frozen ready meals.


A mobile SDK that helps developers increase downloads, boost app usage and connect with their users

Tanteo Tequila

As the Leading infused Tequila with >$2mm in sales, we aim to make our Tanteo Jalapeno Margarita the next revolutionary cocktail.

mxHero Inc.

mxHero is a server side platform that allows you to create, use and deploy advanced email applications in a secure and flexible manner.


Poshare is an online peer-to-peer rental service for high-end fashion products such as dresses, handbags, jewelry and shoes.

Way Way

Way Way is a local recommendation app enabling users to discover venues through pictures and hashtags existing on social media

Subway Labs

Big Data Tools for Scientists and Engineers

CleanCapital, LLC

CleanCapital is an marketplace to buy and sell equity or debt interests in clean energy assets.

VOICE - Be Heard LLC

Voice is a social media revolution that connects you to those around you in a way unlike any other. What starts with a whisper could be echoed around the world.


Founded with a modern joie de vivre and an ambitious objective: to create an erotic product discovery platform for today's woman.


Urlinq is the network for academics, connecting students and professors through collaborative tools to improve the University experience.

Papanic Niche Spirits

We are a premium spirits developer. We launched our first product -- Ya Mastiha Liqueur -- in late 2012. Greek inspired. Locally produced.


A modern camera app and printing company combined into one simple app.