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GolfMatch Inc.

GolfMatch solves the fundamental problems for golfers and courses, which incentives increased participation and drives incremental revenue to the golf industry.

Red Matter Labs, LLC

We're building a hardware powered virtual coaching experience that's better than face-to-face personal training.


CourseHorse is like Amazon for classes—the easiest way to discover, compare and enroll in local personal and professional classes.

Piels Beer

Iconic New York heritage beer brand founded in 1883, making a comeback!


Robocap is an all-in-one wearable device with built-in electronic elements: cell phone, microphone, headphones, cameras, brainwave sensors and a video display.

Selia Yang

Fashionable, well made, innovative gowns at affordable prices to meet the damands of mid price consumers.

Now In Store

The Digital Marketing Platform For Businesses.


AudioDrops is an Augmented Audio Experience that enables bands, brands, and fans to personalize space and discover music anywhere.


One Box with Multiple Items creating Numerous Looks at an Affordable Price = Guys Looking Dapp!


Language Learning Social Network


Solys are what happens when Invisiline meets Louboutin. Custom, sexy, 3D printed insoles for shoes. They're a lifestyle, not a product.


Powering Surcharge-Free ATMs Through Targeted Programmatic Ad Buying.

OFTimpex, Inc.

Modernization of depressive local economy and development of new territories.

Raleigh And Drake

A discovery platform powered by the knowledge of your community and trusted influencers, whether for your next exotic trip, or night out on the town.

Calcbench, Inc.

We supply financial analytics that come from XBRL, an electronic filing standard. The data is richer and more actionable than competitors.

Gabrielle Sanchez, Inc.

New York based jewelry designer with proven track record and profitable looking for mentoring, management help and some funding to scale up