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254 36th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11238
United States
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¤225.00 per person


Coinspace is a blockchain powered collective focusing on technologies supporting decentralization, from blockchains to digital currencies to distributed governance. We operate as a coop where all members are part owners too. We keep track of contributions and ownership via our own digital tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain which will be used for voting too. We're an organization practicing radical transparency, with public financials and open decision making. Members get access to investors in the blockchain space who visit us regularly. Don't know much about blockchains or bitcoin or ethereum? Have no fear, we hold weekly classes that will make you an expert. Located at Industry City, we have access to all the amenities the complex has to offer, including food court, duplex lounge, and courtyards. Our space in industrial with huge windows, high ceilings but decked out in mid-century and repurposed wood furniture making for a cozy environment. Membership is $225 month for a dedicated desk and locker. Payable in whichever digital currency you prefer.


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