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Lair East


424 Broadway Suite 602
New York, NY 10013
United States
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¤400.00 per person


Lair East is a New York-based co-working community that helps startups grow by leveraging resources from our collective network of individuals spanning the globe, between China and U.S. It is a habitat that emphasizes the importance of technology and culture and helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and young professionals achieve their goals and make real impacts on the world around them. Located in S­oHo, Manhattan, our office space offers a convenient, cozy and tech-savvy environment for working in. At Lair East, individuals have access to our open office design with specious desks, meeting rooms, kitchen, bar, and etc. Customers can sign up for Lair East membership starting at $400/month. We are offering flexible membership options to meet the needs of each individual or small team. Schedule a tour of our office today by calling 917-794-3178.