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NY Empire FinTech Conference 2020



New World Stages
340 West 50th Street
New York, NY 10019
United States


Wednesday, April 1, 2020 -
8:00am to 5:30pm


Hear from those forging new trails in payments, investing, wealth management, venture, blockchain, lending, AI, underbanked, big data, and more! In addition to attracting hundreds of FinTech entrepreneurs, this conference also plays host to the investors and service providers that help accelerate startups. The audience can also look forward to keynotes, panels and demo updates from some of the top FinTech startups in the world. Full Details Here! This year's conference will feature a second track focused on Banking Innovators. Don't Miss it. FinTech Week The Empire FinTech Conference is the premier event during NY FinTech Week 2020 (Mar 30 - Apr 3). See all of the amazing events happening throughout the city during FinTech Week here: About Empire Startups The Empire Startups community is committed to nurturing innovation and building bridges among entrepreneurs, investors, and domain experts. Empire runs the largest FinTech Meetups in the world along with annual one-day FinTech conferences. 2020 Conference Agenda: - Welcome & Opening Keynote - Fireside Chat Panel: The F'in Debate - Live from Empire New York Speakers: David Brear, Sam Maule You're in for a treat from our friends at 11:FS. Here is the format of the debate: There will be four rounds, where the panel will be discussing the following: competition, tech, brand and culture. Each team will have one lead debater who will lead a 90-second pitch on that topic, after which point the floor is open for everyone to join in, and add their expertise or just generally smack talk the other side. Panel: The Real Housewives (Husbands, and Partners) of RegTech Speakers: Suzanne Elovic, David Buxton, Inna Jackson, Penny Crosman With the US regulatory climate evolving with every tweet, we’re talking dramaaa... Hear from the experts on why the United States is one of the most complicated regions to launch a FinTech business, but with possibly the biggest payoff. And hear from those who have specifically focused on RegTech solutions with great success. - Demos: Hot Startups Panel: The Challenger Banks are Coming, The Challenger Banks are Coming! Speakers: Lindsey Grossman, Maria Palma, Judith Erwin Capitalized to the gills, today's challenger banks can afford to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire your business. The stock pile of venture money also means they can afford not to charge you fees, even for services in which technology hasn't yet driven out the cost. How and when will we know it's working and who is really innovating in the US? Panel: Innovation Masterclass-Labs, Incubators, Accelerators, Sandboxes, Oh My! Speakers: Jules Miller, Amy Coveny, Sabrina Tharani Survival of the fittest, and those without an innovation strategy will perish. The good news is that financial institutions now enjoy second mover advantage. This panel will serve as a masterclass in innovation programs, covering accelerators to sandboxes and everything in between. - Demos: Hot Startups Panel: New Kids on the Blockchain Speakers: Ginger Baker, Alex Mashinsky You can no longer discuss the FinTech revolution without considering the widespread implications of Blockchain. From smart contracts and settlement to underbanked identity management, this panel will offer an update on the latest trends in Blockchain. Panel: Data is the New Oil. Who is Drilling? Speakers: Alyssa Richard, Melissa Alvarado There is no doubt that the use of customer data will only accelerate in FinTech. If data and AI represent the future of how financial services products will be marked and customer will be acquired, who is doing the drilling? What are the most surprising and unique datasets out there and who actually owns the data? Panel: VC Rearview Mirror - What We Had Right and Wrong Speakers: Mike Rogers Entrepreneurs and investors alike must constantly learn and iterate from their experience. We found a panel of straight-shooting FinTech venture veterans to share what they had right, and for each of those instances, nine they had wrong. After all, in venture it's all about outliers. - Fireside Chat - Closing Remarks - Reception & Dinner