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Garbo Has Built the Perfect Background Check for the Online Dating Era

"I spent over $120K fighting an abuser through the justice system. I realized if that it was hard for me - a white, educated, privileged woman with access to capital – it must be very difficult for the average individual. I am making it my mission to protect people from becoming a victim of not only an abuser but of the justice system."

Approximately 40% of Americans use online dating, making it the ideal place for nefarious individuals to find victims. Garbo equips users with the tools to keep them safe through its digital platform allowing people to conduct background checks without a last name; something that has never been offered previously. Garbo accepts submissions to its database and records go far beyond what traditional background searches offer.

AlleyWatch sat down with Garbo CEO and Founder Kathryn Kosmides to learn more about how her own personal experience inspired the launch and how she plans to make the digital world a safer place through Garbo.

Tell us about the product or service that Garbo offers.

Garbo is building a new kind of online background check for the digital age. Whether it’s before meeting an online date, attending a job interview, or getting into a rideshare, we believe you should know who you’re putting your safety in the hands of.

Garbo’s platform enables users to search without a last name – something we often don’t have before the first interaction in today’s digital age.



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