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A presentation platform that helps enterprise sales teams deliver a consistent message across devices while saving time and resources.


Software solution to the eye contact problem in video chat systems, based on new-gen depth cameras. Works for all popular video chats, e.g. Skype, Hangouts.

Intent Group

Intent propels a new marketing ideology driven by a devotion to craft, and built on a foundation of fascination and obsession.


Live, interactive group exercise classes delivered to users online.

PULSE 24/7

PULSE 24/7 is democratizing the service industry and allowing freelancers & small businesses to compete in the explosive on demand economy!

Live Sports Live

Exclusive, flexible and impressive corporate hospitality experience at major sporting events globally, be inside the action, meet and great champions

With FreshNeck, guys can finally have access to designer accessories in a convenient and affordable way. Unlimited exchanges, and accessories starting at $20/mt

SmartSavers LLC

Together we save! SmartSavers is the trusted platform to manage your household bills and save money through collective purchasing.

Steven Robert Greenfield

Steven R/Robert Greenfield Collin County have terrific skills in instances connected to the company, industrial and a great deal of other recent concerns.

Antivirus Tech Number

Customer Support Number is 1-877-301-0214 Available For Antivirus Support. Get Connected With An Expert. Out technical team available 24*7


Gevva is the first search engine to focus on completing tasks. The traditional list-of-links format for service-related search is dated and inefficient in 2014.


Jetzy is the world's first geo-location based, user-to-user social app to connect travelers to travelers and locals in real time and give free travel rewards.


Sharebert pays users to browse, shop, and share and get discounts from more than 100,000+ brands and high-end products, like Ebates amplified via social.

LifeCycle Laboratories

LifeCycle Laboratories is developing unique diagnostics for fertility/infertility management.


Connecting content to actions!


Remote Patient Monitoring. Reimagined. Harnessing wearable, real-time gesture detection and Big Data analytics

Genomic Expression Inc

We help the doctor find the right drug for the patient and the pharma company find the right patient for their drug

Shimmy Technologies Group

We prepare the apparel industry for the future of work by developing design, data management, and workforce development tools.