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We help restaurants build their own loyal "Mob" so they can bring their regulars back more often, filling tables on demand and PROFITABLY

With cloud-base transaction management tools & "live" agent assistance, home sellers have an easy-to-use platform that costs a 3% commission vs standard 6%.

SKT Themes

We are in WordPress (themes and plugin) development since past 10 years.


We are a physical product development platform built to get great product ideas off the sidelines and into the hands of customers.


LGBTQutie is the dating and social networking app that connects the entire LGBTQ community.

How I Met My Dog

Think eHarmony for people and dogs. How I Met My Dog uses custom matching to redefine how we find our canine soulmates.

hello peers

AI-driven platform to generate optimal teams for university students to do projects or startups across campuses & across disciplines - or play tennis.


LZZG is a manufacturer of fine wet sand processing production line.

Decipher Finance

Decipher orchestrates all your investment accounts together, creating better returns for the typical investor through a custom-tailored optimization.

Blck Neon

We are a start-up video production company for start-ups

Atlantic WeedBoard (WeeBo Co.) is a guide to legal Cannabis on the East Coast, with exclusive videos, educational games, apps, and regional Hemp CBD products.


Savvy is a HR tech platform that connects top female talent with companies that want to hire them.


Innovative business solution using AR technology to create a marketplace tailored to the $300 billion Design Industry

Landbrot Bakery & Bar

A German Bakery & Bar with two locations in Manhattan "unlike any other in New York" (NY Times 28/03/12).

Vega Coffee, Inc.

Re-imagine the coffee industry, support the educational and financial wealth of coffee farmers, and produce the highest quality coffee, direct from the source.