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Brainscape is an adaptive web/mobile education platform that helps you learn anything more efficiently, using cognitive science.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 8
Quick Pitch:


We solve the #1 barrier to learning: Inconvenience. Brainscape provides a lean, ubiquitous mobile education experience that can be accessed anywhere, delivered in bite-sized chunks, and studied using the latest in cognitive science techniques. We already have over 1 million users, in over 120 countries, who are studying nearly every subject more efficiently than anyone has ever done before. Our mission is to OPTIMIZE LEARNING.


Founder & CEO

Andrew Cohen

Int'l education consultant at World Bank. MA Edu Tech at Columbia University. Self-taught programmer. Instructor @ General Assembly. Mentor @ TechStars. Contributor @ Entrepreneur.


Andy Lutz

Product VP @ Princeton Review, managing products earning >$100m/yr. VP for Client Services @ ClearPoint.


Jeff Holliday

Sr. Mobile Engineer at Intuit. Creator of Flashcardlet (acquired by Brainscape).

VP Engineering

Jonathan Thomas

Dir of Engineering at Zoodles. Senior Engineer at Hewlett-Packard and Monster.


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