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hello peers

AI-driven platform to generate optimal teams for university students to do projects or startups across campuses & across disciplines - or play tennis.


Founded: 2015
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


hello peers is data-driven team-building, powered by our cutting-edge machine learning algorithm which takes both hard metrics such as skill sets as well as soft metrics e.g. personality, tenacity, creativity & intelligence to yield the best teams to connect university students across campuses & across disciplines, enabling them to do projects or startups & facilitating project-based learning & hiring. Companies post internships & jobs to users


Founder and CEO

Rebecca Frankel

Completed all but one of the courses for the doctorate in math at Yale University, where I was awarded a fellowship. Visiting Academic at NYU and taught a number of college classes there and at other universities. Was sponsored at numerous math conferences. Extensive knowledge of algorithmic analysis and computer science. Worked for 2 years as a systems analyst, on projects for major clients - including a major bank and a foreign government.

Attending Physician at the NYU-Langone Medical Center

Arthur Lubitz

Dr. Arthur Lubitz, MD F.A.A.A.I. is a specialist in allergy and immunology. Dr. Lubitz has appeared numerous times on television as an expert, and has a practice with 5 offices in Manhattan. He has tremendous business acumen and therefore we are privileged to have him on our management team as a business advisor.

Growth Strategist

Jacqueline Rivkin

A Columbia Journalism School grad, Jackie's been a business reporter contributing to publications including Newday, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Conde Nast Traveler & She received the Columbia University Distinguished Alumni Medal in 2009. A communications &media specialist, she uses storytelling to drive sales. Jackie will leverage her background in media and business news reporting to develop a growth strategy for hello peers.


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