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Founded: 2015
Employees: 2
Quick Pitch:


We used the fundamental components of Google’s Algorithm, Data Analytics, the Popularity of Video, the Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing and the Growing Demand of Branded Video Content to develop our proprietary software system. Mollify's Ad Sourcing Network is composed of more than 375 software applications and purposefully designed to garner more than $1 Billion Dollars of revenue in less than 24 months while growing exponentially.



Christopher Watson

According to Google’s A.I., Christopher is the leading authority on the Google Algorithm; he understands exactly how the Internet works and how to build the perfect Digital Network within its framework. As a direct result of his ability to deduce pertinent knowledge from colossal data sets, synthesize this information and explain it, out of more than 200 Million sources worldwide, Google's ranks his explanation of Data Analytics #1 in the World.


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