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PolicyMic is a platform to engage millennials in high quality debate around news and current events. Think Twitter meets the Economist.


Founded: 2017
Employees: 6


Problem: News websites fail to engage millennials aged 18-29. Online news lacks is too partisan. It’s not fun, engaging, or interactive. Millennials spend 10x as much time on online social networks as they do reading the news online. Solution: is an engaging platform that uses a currency-based game to generate high-quality user-generated content. The 2012 elections have contributed to 100% month-over-month growth to date.



Chris Altchek

Leads business development and product team. Worked at Goldman Sachs, White House National Economic Council, and on Mayor Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign. Harvard ‘09.


Jake Horowitz

Leads the editorial team and growth strategy. Worked at Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, Arab-American Family Support Center, and Stanford ‘09.


Martin Mateev

Leads web team. Has 12 years of experience as CTO of and Significant experience building and scaling content sites and social networks.

Christopher Altchek


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