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We make paying and collecting rent easy.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 4
Quick Pitch:


Our innovative business model and powerful software means 100M renters in the United States now have the power to pay their rent the way they want, while requiring zero action from landlords or property managers who now have a 100% frictionless way to accept online payments. -- Pay rent with a credit card or bank account -- Split rent and expenses with roommates -- Pay from computer, tablet or phone -- Zero landlord involvement needed


Co-Founder / Product Dev

Ian Halpern

An innovative, passionate and extremely talented developer, Ian was recruited out of Drexel University at the age of 20 to work for VisibleWorld Inc. as one of its highest payed senior engineers. Two years later, while being actively recruited by Google and other companies, Ian decided to leave the corporate world to focus his attention on his own passion projects. These projects included the popular open-source Firefox plug-in called Siphon (sip

Co-Founder / Design & Business Dev

Trevor Geise

With years of experience in helping businesses launch, brand and grow customers, Trevor has been able to hone repeatable systems for strong company development. After graduating magna cum laude from Ithaca College, Trevor went on to found several self-sustaining companies, including and As a business development and brand consultant, Trevor has helped launch a wide variety of companies, from non-profits like the Or

Co-Founder / Operations & Business Dev

Christopher Toppino

Chris is an exceptional team builder and project leader. He began his career as a film and commercial director/producer with a knack for pulling off large productions on a small budget. His short films have won multiple awards from festivals around the world and his corporate promotional pieces have garnered recognition for their creative approaches. After co-founding a corporate production company with Trevor in 2009, Chris became increasingly i


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