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Sports Media 101

Provide highly identified sports fans with the obsessive team oriented sports news coverage and items they require via the web.


Founded: 2011
Employees: 7


Sports Media 101 contracts 100s of journalists to cover sports news obsessively on a team by team basis. In addition to our media, we provide outlets for merchandise, memorabilia, tickets and various other products and services. We break the boundary between mega news sites and small unreliable fans blogs feeding the need of over 50 million highly identified sports fans who crave community and constant information from like-minded journalists.


Chief Technology Officer

Pieter Van Iperen

Pieter Van Iperen is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. Since 2000 Pieter has been in various C-level managment roles within start-ups, helping to guide them. Pieter has worked in the event, new media, tech, social media, ecommerce, mobile applications, performing arts, media and entertainment business sectors. His diverse background is an asset to his managerial acumen.

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Benton

Dan Benton has worked as a professional sports journalist and executive in various sports media organizations since 2004. Throughout his career in sports he has been an avid New York Giants writer and was the founder of the well trafficked flagship model for Sports Media 101, Giants 101.


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