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A music technology company focused on legally monetizing long-form audio content


Founded: 2009
Employees: 11

Overview is a cloud-based internet radio station that features mixed audio content curated by the world's top DJs and recorded live at premier clubs and exclusive events. Through the use of the audio fingerprinting and rights flow technology called MixSCAN, the platform identifies all music within long-form audio content and provides copyright holders and artists with compensation for their material via a royalty-based revenue stream.


Founder & Chief Development Officer

Michael Wenzel

Prior to working at, Michael Wenzel was lead front-end developer at YouTube, where he worked on a team responsible for the overall design and architecture of the video page and reviewed a majority of the front-end code for the YouTube website. He also previously worked as a Developer at MTV Networks.

Founder & CEO

David Stein

David Stein is the inventor of MixSCAN and the CEO & co-founder of In 2008, Dave founded, the precursor to that served as a beta trial amongst a select group of music industry professionals. Prior to his work with MixSCAN, Dave founded Hi Fi, a marketing agency that produced major tours, the official Heineken after-parties for the Latin Grammy Awards and dozens of other high-profile events throughout the US.


Nic Luciano


Bob Barbiere

SVP Marketing

Chris Nagy


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