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Wesa LLC

Wesa's NightRide is the first affordable, portable and mobile thermal camera for vehicles and beyond.


Founded: 2018
Employees: 7
Quick Pitch:


Wesa's NightRide is a portable thermal camera that allows drivers to detect objects on the road 4 times past the span of their headlights in darkness, fog and smoke. The NightRide camera attaches to a car’s hood and wirelessly projects the thermal video feed to a heads up display while simultaneously recording. The camera can be disconnected and remounted in a matter of minutes with even full mobility via the portable charging accessory.


Mary Ellen Kramer

Co-Founder/Director - Engineering

Zevi Kramer

Zevi brings 34 years of notable experience in the telecommunications and electronics engineering sectors. Zevi is the lead electronics engineer behind the development of Wesa's innovative products, including NightRide. Zevi developed the C-Bird antenna for Maritime Broadband. He designed communication/ navigation systems for the Israeli Air Force, developed a radar direction system and electronic navigation system for guided bomb units.

Director - Product Engineering

Shawn Groce

Shawn’s 12 years of engineering experience are both extraordinarily diverse and multi-disciplinary – from LED truck lighting to maritime stabilized, tracking antennae and telecom solutions, to automotive smart fuel pumps and fuses to now, NightRide. Shawn takes Wesa’s products from idea through feasibility study, mechanical, electronic and industrial design, prototype development, testing and production. City College - Electrical Engineering


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