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Yelp-style neighborhood information and hyperlocal hub that provides individuals a resource to find best-fit neighborhoods, housing, local events, and trends.


Founded: 2014
Employees: 7
Quick Pitch:


YourNeighborhood is a Yelp-style neighborhood information and hyperlocal platform. We provided complete neighborhood guides with data/user generated content, real estate listings, local events, and top trends through our portfolio of writers. We combine the best aspects of Yelp, Zillow, and Buzz Feed on one platform. Soon we will be launching an Angie's List style services platform and a mobile application for iOS and Android. YourNeighborhood makes money primarily from an advertisement model based on exceeding any paid traffic costs (if any) per customer. This model has been perfected internally and now with our current growth we are expanding the concept to grow even quicker. We are currently charging between $5-$15 CPM and next month will be releasing advertisement products with an even higher targeting ability for advertisers between $25-$35 CPM. These rates are market competitive AND provide a strong ROI for the advertising company along with YourNeighborhood, a main concern of our target business demographic based on advertising with competing websites.



Andrew Curtis

Andrew's passion for Computers and Programming started early on in his High School years. Upon taking some introductory classes and just tampering around with computers, his passion to learn more about computers and programming grew and grew. He furthered his academic career by getting a B.S. in Computer Science from Manhattan College. Currently, Andrew is furthering his desire to learn more about the Computer Science field by working on getting


Eric Levy

Eric has always had a passion for business and real estate. Growing up in New York City, he gained an appreciation for the diversity of unique neighborhoods the city has to offer along with the constantly evolving real estate landscape. Raised in a family with three generations of business owners, Eric has always had the passion and desire to start a business of his own. When not focused on entrepreneurial ventures, he loves exploring NYC by foot


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