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Hartmann Industries

Hartmann Industries' SaaS product, EUROPA, allows businesses to visually build database applications and complex ERP systems without writing a line of code.

Sirico's Caterers

Affordably Priced Events and Catering Packages to accommodate any size event


A benchmark solution to the crisis Rideshare drivers are going through, establishing a 10-20 year transition toward where the industry will inevitably head.

QoL Devices, Inc.

Alvio™ is a wireless mobile Breathing Trainer. It brings Respiratory Training and Therapy home in a fun engaging, accountable way, helping over 50 M Americans.


Urdolls offers 100% brand new sex dolls that are of the highest quality and affordable. We guarantee you to be satisfied.


Stitch is a revolutionary app dedicated to fashion forward self expression, entrepreneurship, and charity. We have monetized the "selfie".

Joe Elkind in Florida

Joe Elkind is starting the first prescription drug center in the United States, five years as director for Lens Express.

At Peak

AT PEAK is a mobile fitness and sports business, bringing the best of sports medicine and athletic training to every field and every home in the country.

B.E.N. Network

BEN Network is a digital streaming platform focused on the jobs and employment markets worldwide.


We eliminate the friction of onsite service delivery.


We make shelves that light up your stuff


We design products that help people rest, recover and re-focus. Our first product is an immersive at-home mindfulness experience. Think Peloton for mindfulness.

Medicinal Corporation

We sell the most portable and discreet handheld vaporizer available, for $99. We compete in a number of subculture and mainstream markets.

Sela Security Consulting

EPS has a unique, cloud-based, highly encrypted, WIFI based system that operates the gate independently from any installed system.


Tunedly connects anyone with professional session musicians to create beautiful music online, and makes it easier to get heard.