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Free Smart Shopping USA, Inc

Not only doing business responsibly, it's about seeing social & sustainability challenges as opportunities for innovation & business growth.

Baron Fig

Analog & Digital Notebooks for Thinkers


Get all types of Instagram, YouTube Mixcloud, Facebook services

Hoplite Power, Inc.

'CitiBike' for smartphone charging. Launched a network of Hubs that dispense & accept portable battery packs. Just rent, recharge & return! GENERATING REVENUE.


The only Social/Mobile-first SaaS for Business Generated Content

Open Sense Productions

Off a successful theatrical run and VOD release of our first feature film SUCH A FUNNY LIFE . We are now prepping our second feature film destined for success!

Jeffrey Cancilla

Jeffrey Cancilla is practising law in the state of California for the last 20 years. He is an expert in Bankrupt law, Immigration Law and Real Estate Law.

Hands-Free, Inc.

Quikiks with Step-in-Go Technology are the world's first fully supportive, totally hands-free operable shoes for the physically or cognitively challenged.


ROUND2 is a digital community of athletes that hosts a marketplace to find affordable gear and the opportunity to engage with their favorite athletic brands.

Trubador Inc.

Instant & revolutionary new platform to connect consumers and businesses via trusted feedback. Inc

Bring your own beat - lets venues to host jukebox and patrons to play their favorite music right from their smartphones.

Iroquois Valley Farms

Iroquois Valley Farms is a food and farmland company making impact investments in local and organic agriculture following triple bottom line principles.

Lauren Marotta

A Shopping interactive survey app redesigning itself to benefit the customer while helping retailers as an ultimate consumer retention tool

Car Specials NY

Car Specials NY, 72 Columbia Street, New York, NY 10002, +1 347-826-4445