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Weekly Hotels LLC

B2B and B2C travel management unmatched with unique features such as rate change alert, booking multiple room types and our smart search engine.


PCBAs are core to every Electronic device but require weeks & hundreds of dollars to make. BotFactory builds desktop tools to produce PCBAs in hours for $20

TeleDocNow, Inc.

'Modernizing & Monetizing After-Hours Calls' -- Telemedicine services reachable by dialing their normal physician's office after-hours (calls get forwarded).

Vonvo is a video event platform enabling companies to brand story-tell in the most engaging manner. Think of Vonvo as Google Hangouts meets KickStarter hybrid.

DriveUp Storage, LLC.

Simplifying storage for urbanites since 2012. We Bring, you Load, we Detach, we Store, and we Deliver.


The Exerblast system is a multi-zone game environment that plunges kids & adults into a richly varied, seamless, 45-minute fitness adventure


Ninoh is a smart calendar that gives you recommendations based on where you are, who you're with and most importantly, what you love to do!

Venstone AG

Venstone AG est une société financière qui rassemble des investisseurs pour que les nouvelles entreprises forment des leaders sur le marché à Zurich, en Suisse

SQWAD Sports Inc.

SQWAD brings fans closer to the game through a 2nd screen fantasy sports experience that allows them to sub players during the game, not just before.


Replica fashion luxury watches and handbags


Examd is an innovative technology solution for online exam integrity and analytics.

HueCore Inc

Smart license plates by HUECORE give on-demand telematic data to insurance companies to protect their bottom line while protecting drivers from financial risks.

TuvaLabs LLC

TuvaLabs connects the real world to math, enabling engaging math learning, closing achievement gaps, and empowering learners to succeed


Ocotur connects individuals in the fashion space, making it easier to collaborate, search and get discovered

True Made Foods

True Made Foods is making American food nutritious. We use fresh vegetables to naturally sweeten our products and drastically cut back on added sugar.